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Best of Breed, Best in Class Telco Providers to power your internet bandwidth needs — most reliably, at least costs.  From Small-Medium business to Enterprise-scale organizations with multiple branches nationwide, TelcoJunction as an authorized Channel Partner of these Named Brands, delivers your bandwidth requirements with the best option, best price-service advantage. 

Business Internet

Small/Medium Business

Hybrid Fiber/Coax for the Small/Medium Business or branch locations. From Starter Internet packages (25Mb) to increments of 75Mb, 150Mb, 300/500Mb, to 1G/2G.

Enterprise and Campus-wide

Full symmetrical fiber addresses high-capacity internet connection from 10mb to 100gb! Metro/Regional/Continent Ethernet connects business-to-business within campus, city, region or across continent.

Bundle Packages / Bar and Grill

Take advantage of Bundle Internet with phone and Business TV -- and save more! Package with business wifi to manage customers' internet access: all free; login use for limited time; or for pay-per-use.

4G/5G - Auto Failover

Resilient Internet connection using redundant provider line, or LTE 4G/5G cell site backup. Ensure business continuity with battery backup auto-failover on mission critical applications (eg, operational or financial transactions, etc.)
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Digital Phone Lines

Unlimited Calls Flat Rate Monthly

Talk anywhere across US, anytime 24x7 with flat rate bill monthly -- and save! Full feature phones includes over 30+ features including: voicemail, call forward, 3-way call, call hunting, transfer, caller id, call block, etc.

Your Desk Phone in Mobile

Download the mobile app and receive/make calls using your desk phone account thru your mobile Smart Phone. Use full credits of unlimited calls nationwide of your desk phone account -- and save Big! No more expensive long distance charges!

Global Calling Plans

List the Top-5 global numbers you call mostly and enroll them in your Global Calling Plan to save more! Select the plan for specific country, area code, phone and pay a set fee monthly. Save on international call charges!

Your Office Anywhere - worldwide

Answer/make calls wherever yet receive flat rate charges monthly! While connected to Internet, use your Smart Phone and Unlimited Call account to call anywhere in US from anywhere globally 24x7!

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Enterprise Phone Systems

PRI / SIP Trunks

PRI / SIP trunks to connect your enterprise PBX to telco PSTN.
* Scaleable to meet growing demands;
* Managed SLA (Service Level Agreements) up to 99% up time;
* 24x7 Technical Support;
* Available hot backups in case of downtimes

Cloud Hosted PBX

* Reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) with cloud-based, provider-managed PBX;
* Scale up as demands grow without capital outlay;
* Connect multiple locations VOIP phones conveniently to one centralized cloud-based PBX.
* 24x7 Technical Support

Voice Edge

* From 8-phones (seats) to over 3000+ across different locations nationwide, system connects and integrates your organization into one coherent phone system with uniform extension and steering codes dialing (eg., 1xxxx - Northeast, 2xxxx - Central, etc).
* Integrated voicemails and full feature functions on each phone

PRI vs. SIP vs. Hosted PBX

PRI-based PBX? SIP IP-based PBX? Or hosted PBX? which among these technologies make sense -- in terms of:
* TCO (Total Cost of Ownership);
* Reliability;
* Expandability;
* End-user ease of use?
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Full Symmetrical Fiber - Up to 100G

Metro / Regional Ethernet

Full symmetrical fiber up to 100Gs! Connect within campus building-to-building; or between city (metro), state (region) or continent over high-capacity ethernet on fiber.
* Managed SLA (Service Level Agreement) for guaranteed 99% up time;
* 24x7 Technical Support.

Direct Internet Access

The fastest route to Internet is via DIA (Direct Internet Access). Light travelling thru full symmetrical fiberglass is still and will remain the fastest medium to Internet -- that's just Physics. With speeds from 10mb to 100Gs, connect directly to the Internet Cloud with minimum network node hops.
* Managed SLA (Service Level Agreement) for guaranteed 99% up time;
* 24x7 Technical Support

Redundant ISP - Auto-Failover

Can your business afford Internet downtime? All ISP's suffer from technical issue one way or another - that's business cost due to downtime.
With lower cost of bandwidth, businesses can justify dual ISP connection compared to outage cost due to single ISP. With redundant ISP, mitigate outage cost while ensuring business continuity.

Redundant ISP - Load Balancing

Effectively balance Internet traffic between two equal capacity ISP bandwidth. Using a load-balancing router, maximize bandwidth utilization effectively and achieve auto-failover between two redundant ISP connections.
* Achieve business continuity
* Balanced load betweeen ISP
* Mitigate outage costs on mission critical applications

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5G Fixed Wireless

5G Rolling-out Now!

5G is Internet bandwidth speed approximately +500mb over wireless (no cable/no fiber) connection. 5G Fixed Wireless in pilot mode is rolling out in key cities now. Smart Phones capable of 5G will soon be available to consumers by end 2019 or 2020.

5G Fixed Wireless rollout is by invitation only to select businesses and household owners. Please standby for further developments when ready for mass market.

Verizon 5G

Verizon started pilot rollout of fixed wireless 5G in four cities:
* Indianapolis, IN
* Sacramento, CA
* Los Angeles, CA
* Houston, TX
More cities to come...!
(as of Nov. 2018)


AT&T 5G Fixed Wireless pilot mode launched in 12 cities:
* Atlanta, GA
* Charlotte, NC
* Dallas, TX
* Houston, TX
* Indianapolis, IN
* Jacksonville, FL
* Louisville, KY
* Oklahoma, OK
* New Orleans, LO
* Raleigh, NC
* San Antonio, TX
* Waco, TX
More cities in next six months...!
(as of Nov. 2018)

Business TV: Hotel and Restaurant Bundles

Satellite TV

DirecTV brings you a choice of variety channel selections from basic 80+ channels to premium movies, sports, and select channels. Bundle with Internet and wifi for even more savings!

Cable TV Bundle

Bundle your services into phone, internet and cable TV -- and save most! Avail of promotional pricing and seasonal gifts! Already with a current provider? No problem -- let's find out how we could maximize savings with additional services!

Hospitality Systems

Guest TVs and high-speed wifi on hotel rooms are no longer extras - they are necessities to travelers. Save with bundled Internet and Wifi per floor and in-room guest TVs. Centrally managed and monitor TV and wifi use per room.

Bar and Grill Bundle Package

Take advantage of Bundle Internet with phone and Business TV -- and save more! Package with business wifi to manage customers' internet access: all free; login use for limited time; or for pay-per-use.

Check Provider presence for Cable TV and Hospitality Systems in your area:
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Cloud-Based Services

Comcast SmartOffice

Keep an eye on your business from -- anywhere. Mobile app on your Smart Phone allows you to view your office in real-time and access stored videos up to 60-days past.

monitoring -

Download mobile app to monitor your workplace 24x7 - anywhere.

HD Night Vision Cameras

* HD high resolution cameras with available night vision
* Motion detection analytics, wide-angle view
* 360-degree view and 20x zoom

About TelcoJunction

TelcoJunction is an authorized Business Channel Partner (BP) with Comcast, Spectrum (Charter), AT&T and Verizon.  Our professionals reach out to prospective businesses to understand their needs and thereby match their requirements with array of product lines and Enterprise Solutions from our partners to provide the Best Fit, Best Price:Service advantages.   

  • Comparative quotes — maximize value with comparative quotes from Service Providers.  We send out business proposals that drive down cost, provide reliable and robust services, and most importantly equipped our customers to win.
  • Dedicated Account Management — Work efficiently with us! No queing on 1800 customer support lines — speak live directly with your dedicated Account Manager, exchange emails, and resolve issues to you maximize your time.
  • National scope — We work across US and not limited by regional boundaries so we can adequately serve customers with multiple locations and branch offices.
  • Service Agreement directly with Providers — all contracts are between you and Service Providers (Comcast/Spectrum/AT&T/Verizon).  TelcoJunction is not party to the contract — we simply facilitate the service agreement, installation, and after sales support.  Pay your monthly bills directly with the  Service Provider.  No upfront payments on installation, no credit card info required.


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